Friday, May 7, 2010

Crocs as Socks?

Am I the only one with kids that have crazy quirks? I swear, each day brings on a whole other obsession with each and every one of them! Tonight, I was going through the normal bedtime routine with Flynn and she decided she wanted to wear a different pair of pajama pants and put them on all by herself. I decided to watch the whole thing, partly in awe that she is old enough to even try to dress herself and partly because I was just too tired to fight back. She successfully put the pj pants on and proceeded to grab her Crocs and put them on like they were her socks!!! She did it so confidently like it was normal to wear Crocs to bed!? This is not the first time she has insisted we keep her Crocs on, or shoes for that matter, when putting her down for bed. She insists on keeping them on when we put her down. I of course find it odd and find myself sneaking in to remove them before I go to bed. Either way, I hope this phase doesn't last long, I think it's a bit odd that she likes to wear Crocs to bed...don't you?

To see it through their eyes...

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